Work with Students and Mentors

2020, peer reviewed, with Patrick Ploschnitzki. “„Aus heutiger Sicht gab’s damals nicht“: Jan-Ole Gerster’s Oh Boy and the Frischian Opacity of Vergangenheitsbewältigung.” Monatshefte 111(4): 514–532, 50% contribution.

2019, invited, with The Eaton Group (Agata Szczodrak, Diane Richardson, Lindsay Preseau, Marc Pierce, Karin Maxey, Jan Kühne, David Johnson, Ivett Guntersdorfer, Edward Dawson, Nick Block). “A Multilingual Turn in German Studies: Premises, Provisos, and Prospects.” Die Unterrichtspraxis / Teaching German52(1): 14–31.

2017, co-authored with Martina Schwalm. “World Literature (Already) Wrote Back: Sabahattin Ali after Germany.” In Jahrbuch Türkisch-Deutsche StudienSpecial Issue on The Transcultural Critic Sabahattin Ali and Beyond. Göttingen: Universitätsverlag Göttingen, 1–18, 50% contribution.

2017, invited, with Deniz Göktürk. “Germany in Transit, Ten Years On.” The German Quarterly. 90(2). 3 pp., 50% contribution.

2016, peer reviewed, co-authored with Chantelle Warner. “Whose ‘Crisis in Language’? How Translingual Students Critically Reframe the Future of Foreign Language Learning,” L2 Journal. 19 pp., 50% contribution.

2016, invited, co-authored with Ilker Hepkaner. “Translating the Translingual Novel in Early Turkish Republican Literature: The Case of Sabahattin Ali.” Authorizing Translation: Literature, Theory and Translation, Yearbook of the International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS), edited by Michelle Woods. Routledge, 32–46, 50% contribution.